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Laser Hair Removal Cost

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Posted February 09, 2016 in News

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Northern VaTaking measures to improve the appearance of your body starts with understanding the costs associated with different procedures. When you want to permanently remove body hair from your legs, arms or other areas, you want to go through a laser hair removal process.

Laser hair costs and expenses depend on several factors, so it is important to have a range in mind when creating a budget for the process.

Generally, preparation for laser hair removal does not require any additional expenses. You will want to discuss your goals and obtain a consultation before the first session to determine appropriate preparations based on your skin-tone, current health and your goals.

Take at least six weeks before the laser hair removal treatment to prepare by allowing the hair to grow and avoiding the sun. The initial costs of treatment vary based on the size of the area and the number of sessions that you plan.

For example, a small area like your upper lip and chin can cost roughly $150 per session in Northern Virginia. When planning multiple sessions, the costs can reduce on a per-session basis, but the exact costs will vary.

Larger areas, like the chest or your arms, will usually cost more per session. For example, you might pay $250 per session to remove the hair from your entire arm or you can pay as much as $400 per session for your chest.

As a general rule, plan to pay around $100 to $500 per session for laser hair removal. Most individuals need a few sessions to remove the hair permanently, but the exact number of sessions will depend on the person.

Expenses Related to Recovery

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical procedure, so the risks associated with the treatment are limited. In most cases, individuals will have some tenderness in the treated area and the skin can look a little red.

Some individuals also experience blisters from the treatment. Severe reactions to the laser are uncommon, so it is rare for the recovery process to cause a large expense.

Expenses related to recovery focus primarily on soothing the feeling of a burn and any blisters that can develop. Generally, you will want to invest in lotion, aloe Vera gel or a similar product to soothe the skin.

Since your skin is more likely to sunburn directly after the treatment, you want to stay out of the sun or invest in sunscreen for the first week or two after the treatment.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost for Additional Sessions?

Laser hair removal does not always permanently remove the hair with a single session. In most cases, you will need more sessions to permanently remove the hair. The costs of additional sessions are similar to the costs of the initial treatment.

If you invest in a package for five or more sessions initially, then you can have a lower average cost for additional sessions. For example, a package of five sessions can save around $20 per session or more for large areas of the body.

The exact amount of savings available for additional sessions will vary based on the area of the body and personal long-term goals.

The cost of laser hair removal is not always as expensive as you might expect. For small areas, the cost of the treatment is reasonable. Additional expenses related to recovery are usually minimal and only relate to products you might purchase if you feel it is necessary for your skin.

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