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Getting a Breast Reduction So You Can Exercise

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Posted January 13, 2014 in Breast

114So you made your New Years resolution to exercise more and get it shape, and youve kept it! Unfortunately, youre also experiencing back pain and your sports bras are digging into your shoulders, causing painful welts and even bleeding. If the size of your breasts is interfering with your ability to exercise and care for yourself, it might be time to think about a breast reduction.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising is essential to your health. It doesnt just help you look good and fit into your clothes. Exercise helps prevent obesity, combats and helps prevent heart disease and other illnesses, improves your mood and energy levels, has been shown to help with depression, and can even help you sleep more soundly. A 2010 study from the University of California showed that exercise can actually reverse the effects of stress and aging on our cells.

Exercise also increases chemicals in the brain known as growth factors, which help cellular develop that leads to increased learning capabilities. Exercise that requires extra coordination, like tennis, dancing, aerobics, and yoga, give your brain chemicals the biggest increase in production. Other effects on the brain include warding off memory loss and increased vocabulary retrieval abilities.

Studies have also shown that reaching milestones in exercise (like running a faster mile than you did last month, getting into a yoga pose with more ease, or doing more pushups than before) can increase your self-image, even if youre not losing weight.

Exercising With Large Breasts

Women with very large breasts can experience discomfort even when theyre not exercising, including back pain, shoulder pain, pain from their bra straps digging into their skin, headaches, and more. These health issues can interfere with your ability to exercise comfortably and safely.

Excess weight on the front of the body can make bending, lifting, doing squats, doing yoga, push-ups, and some types of aerobics difficult because of your constantly shifting center of gravity. Running, jogging, elliptical machines, stair climbing, dancing, step classes, and other very vigorous workouts become impossible because the bouncing of the breast tissue is so painful. You might have to wear two or even more than two sports bras in order to work out without extreme discomfort.

Women with large breasts develop slumped shoulders, putting pressure on the thoracic area of the spine (the spot where the shoulder blades and ribs meet), causing compression. This eventually leads to pain that can be severe enough to prevent physical activity. The weight of larger breasts on the chest cavity can make deep breathing more difficult, which causes obvious issues during exercise. Some women even experience numbness or tingling in the arms due to the weight of their breasts pulling on nerves around the collar bone. All of these issues can interfere with a womans ability to keep fit.

Why Breast Reduction?

Pain medication and weight loss are the first responses to medical issues caused by large breasts; however, if youre unable to exercise, theres only so much weight youre going to be able to lose. Reducing the volume of your breasts is the only way to solve these health issues and clear your way to healthy and productive physical activity. During a breast reduction, the surgeon will remove excess tissue, fat, and skin, reposition the nipple if necessary, and then close the incisions.

Since theres no disruption of the muscles, the surgery has a very quick recovery, with most women back in the gym and their offices within a few weeks. Women will notice an immediate difference when they go to workout: one effective sports bra will be sufficient. The painful bouncing will be gone. Headaches, arm tingling and numbness, shoulder pain, and backaches will be alleviated and will no longer interfere with workouts. Your center of gravity will be more stable, yoga poses more accessible, and bra strap pain will be minimized.

As you can see, exercise is very important for living a healthy and vibrant life. The size of your breasts should not interfere with your ability to do something so important. If your breasts are already causing you pain and other medical issues, chances are that youve given up on the idea of exercising comfortably. That doesnt have to be your reality. Call our Northern Virginia office at (703) 574-2588 to schedule your consultation for breast reduction today.

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