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Dos and Donts of Breast Augmentation

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Posted March 21, 2014 in News

114Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures every year! Its a simple way to improve your silhouette and overall shape, fit into your clothes better, and to simply feel better about yourself. There are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you have a breast augmentation, to ensure you have the best results possible and minimize your risk of complications.


  • Arrange for childcare for several days after surgery, especially if you have little kids. You wont be able to lift heavy objects (including children, laundry baskets, diaper bags, etc.) for a few days, so having someone there to help you will be essential.

  • Do tell your doctor about all medications and vitamins you’re taking before surgery. Some medications and vitamins are blood thinners and can have a negative effect on your recovery.

  • Do get your recovery area ready before the day of surgery. Fill your prescriptions, have water bottles and magazines nearby, as well as comfortable pillows, recommended sports bras, and comfortable, loose-fitting pajamas. Preparing the area before hand will mean you won’t have to get up as much in the day or two after your recovery.

  • Do follow your surgeon’s instructions about massaging your breasts. Massaging the area will help the implants settle into the chest pocket, and might help break up any forming scar tissue, keeping the breasts soft and as natural-feeling as possible.


  • Don’t eat or drink after the time your doctor tells you the night before surgery. An empty stomach is essential to making sure you don’t have complications during surgery. If you do eat or drink, you might have to reschedule the surgery,

  • Don’t exercise after surgery until your surgeon gives you the all-clear. Moving your arms, working your chest muscles, and increasing your heart rate can all lead to inflammation, bleeding, and pain, so stay away from vigorous movements until you are approved for it at your post-op.

  • Don’t wear a pullover shirt to surgery, or in the first few days after surgery. They’re too tight and reaching your arms up to take it off will cause discomfort. Men’s button-down shirts are perfect, so make sure you have a few within easy reach (and wear one to surgery).

  • Don’t forget your cooling gel packs (or bags of frozen peas) to help with post-op swelling, and a heating pad to help with any soreness you might get in your back from sitting or lying down for a few days. You want to be as comfortable as possible- how many other opportunities do you have to sit around and do nothing? Take advantage of it!

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