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BroadBand Light Therapy for Age Spot Reduction

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Posted September 05, 2016 in News

There is never a time when a person is going to be excited to hear someone tell them that they have aged. When a person says that you have aged, it does not mean that you look better. To the contrary, it means that the youthful vigor and youthful glow that you had as a young adult has started to fade. Your smooth, clear skin is now replaced with skin that is wrinkled, and you may have developed some age spots. When people say that you have aged, it can be a blow to your psyche. It can hurt. Often times, it is after hearing comments about their aged appearance that a person starts to look for cosmetic options to repair their appearance.
One excellent option is BroadBand Light therapy. BBL treatment has been proven to be exceptionally effective at reducing age spots and sunspots. Cosmetic professionals have been able to use this treatment in some cases to even reduce the appearance of facial veins that come with aging. The treatment can be tailored to address your personal concerns and your skin type to give you the exact results you want. While the procedure is most often used on the face, it can be used on almost any area of the body.
The parts of the body that are going to benefit the most from this treatment are those that are exposed to the sun. This would include your face, your hands, your shoulders, your chest and your neck. In addition to addressing pigmentation issues, such as age spots, other issues like uneven skin texture, peach fuzz growth and acne can be addressed by BroadBand Light therapy.
BroadBand Light therapy works by using light to gently increase the temperature of the external layers of your skin. As your skin absorbs the heat, new collagen is produced. This makes your skin firmer, it helps your skin to counteract the negative effects of the sun and it leaves your skin smoother, vibrant and younger-looking.
Depending on how big of a treatment area you have, the BBL session can take from half an hour to an hour. The procedure itself is gentle. It does not require invasive surgery, and it is safe. Most people are able to tolerate the temporary discomfort that the procedure produces.
This procedure is not designed to provide immediate results. You will need to have multiple treatments to get the effects that you want. The number of treatments you will need and the length of each treatment session will be discussed with you ahead of time. In some cases, our experts will recommend coupling BroadBand Light therapy with another aesthetic procedure to further enhance your look.
With locations in Ashburn and Haymarket, Nova Plastic Surgery proudly offers BroadBand Light therapy for patients seeking age spot reduction, wrinkle elimination and much more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for this incredible treatment.

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